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Located in the heart of the International District, we strive to connect  members and friends to make a difference in our community and to learn and grow together. Consider connecting and helping us make a difference.


We have added the possibility for anyone to make an online donation to the church. You can create a login on the donation page to facilitate more than one opportunity to donate, but logging in is not required. Scroll through the list to find which area of La Mesa's life you would like to support.


During the Pandemic the number of clients visiting our Food Pantry has doubled. We have some dedicated volunteers, food buyers and gleaners. However, so much more help is needed. Please, let us know if you are interested in becoming a member of our team.

Call the church office to get information about signing up.



We welcome you to consider membership at La Mesa. 

Membership classes are scheduled at various times throughout the year. Contact us to set up a conversation on how church membership can deepen your personal spirituality and community engagement. There will 

be opportunities for questions, a tour of the church, and to speak with La Mesa Presbyterian members.


Interested? Email for more information.

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