It Takes a Village

This is a site intended to be an easy way for church members to communicate if they have a specific need or they have something to give away. Think of it like a church member's Craig's List!  For example:  Say someone needs a simple bed frame and someone else has one they want to get rid of!  This site can be a way to communicate that need and help each other out!  Or say someone wants to give away a piece of furniture - maybe there's a member who could use it!  Before you go to the Goodwill or Savers, let's see if a church member or friend could use it.  Check this site often as items will only stay on for a few of weeks.

Needs within the Community

Joaquin Croft needs to find a new home for him and his dog, Panda (a sweet, small black and white dog). He recently got a new job in Albuquerque at YDI and is making good money, but can't afford the usual first & last month's rent and damage deposit quite yet. He tried to stay with some of his family but the drug use and selling is not a good environment. Joaquin is temporarily staying with Winona and David until he can find his own apartment. If you happen to know of something appropriate or have a basement apartment in your home, Joaquin is a good and responsible tenant. He needs something in the $6-700/month range. Thank you for any help you might be able to give. -- Winona :)

Contact Us

I am looking for a handyman who is reliable, skilled, and reasonably priced. Thank you for any recommendations!

-- Molly